You are the king. We personalize and customize ONLINE training programs to suit your needs. It is designed for you, to be delivered by web, to you, anytime and anywhere. The Choice is yours, the service is ours. Any technical or non-technical training- you name it and we have world class faculty and technical infrastructure to deliver it at your doorstep.

Online Training Services – In our sincere endeavor to provide cost effective innovative training services in the latest software technologies, we offer online training programs that are accessible to everyone. Our web class rooms provide theambience and learning close to the traditional class room.

Live Interactive Environment: Breaking the geographical barriers, we provide you with a rich learning experience through Live Interactive Environment which is accessible from the comfort of yourhomevia internet. Here you can interact with the online instructor by logging into our virtual class rooms which gives you seamless multimedia communication over the Internet.

Customized Training Course: You can enroll into our gamut of training courses in accordance toyourconvenience. You can also customize a training programbased on your requirements by selecting specific topics within the course, number of sessions, schedule and even the instructor from the available list.

Don’t worry! We also schedule one to one sessions between a student and instructor as well.

Online labs: We conduct labs during or post an online training session, outside the live session. Remote learners can practice on software applications, workflows and hardware products controlled by software in real time on remote lab computers. Instructors proactively conduct the lab sessions remotely.

Collaborative activities: Our online programs promote active learning by conducting multiple andsimultaneous group activities. Interact uses integrated audio conferencing and voice over during these collaborative training sessions.